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Back To School/College/Uni Box - worth up to £35!

  • £15.00

It's almost time to go back to school, college, uni or whatever it is you, your child, nephew, puppy, etc. is doing with your/their life, and the new term needs to begin with a bang! Grab some new stationery to jump-start the motivation mojo! Stationery Closet may not be able to assist with the studying part but we sure can help make it more fun! 

Can't choose which stationery items you want? Then don't - let us pick for you!

The Back To School/College/Uni Box contains 10 to 12 items* and is worth between £25 and £35 (if you were to buy all the items separately from our online store). That's a saving of up to £20! 

There will be a surprise element to each box but we know that with everything else going on in your life, it's also nice to have a bit of certainty sometimes. So we're letting you make some of the decisions here. Simply make the following choices in the dropdown boxes above:- 

  • Pencil case: Tell us whether you would like your pencil case to be from the monster zippy range, the animals with attitude range, the faux leather range, the fruity range, the animal face range, the animal party range, the dress-up girl range, or the emotive range. Or if you would like a complete surprise, then you can leave it at the default 'Surprise Me!' option. 
  • Gender: Tell us whether the box of goodies is for a male or female. If you have had a browse through our product range, you will see that the majority of of our products are very cutesy! Even if you select 'Male' from the options, please note that the box will still contain cutesy stuff! If you or the person you're buying for is not into this type of stuff, then you should probably steer away from this box! If you select 'Male', what we will do is include more typically boyish colours and less pinks and purples! If you're not fussed about this, then leave the option at the default 'Doesn't Matter'. 

*Any items normally sold as sets of multiple items would be treated as one item. For example, a set of six highlighters would count as one item and not six. We wouldn't cheat like that!

What is shown in the photos are only examples of what you might receive in your box. We want to keep the surprise element! 

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