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About us

Stationery Closet was started by an ex-lawyer who quit her job* to pursue her love for fun stationery. Let’s call her Eva. Well, her name is actually Eva so that would make a lot of sense.

Growing up, she always loved cute stationery. When returning from holidays, especially in East Asia, Eva’s luggage would be mostly taken up by Kawaii stationery. She would be the envy of all her friends on the first day back at school.

But fun stationery doesn’t have to be for kids only. In fact, adults probably need them more to stop all the grown-up paperwork from getting dull! (No offence if you enjoy paperwork.) Looking at places like Paperchase, it’s obvious that there are plenty of people who are looking to inject some joy into their homework, college assignments, office work or just general admin.

At Eva’s previous work, she was used to being given bog standard ball point pens (that got as exciting as ranging from blue, black, red and green) and plain and boring notepads (wow, a choice of spiral-bound or glue-bound?! How spoiled!). Nuh-uh. Work was already dreary so her stationery really didn’t need to be!

Then the lightbulb switched on. Why not combine work and adorable stationery, and allow others to do the same? And that’s how Stationery Closet came to be…

Eva is now having a blast, sourcing and testing cute and functional stationery, and bringing these to you, her fellow stationery lovers. And it doesn't stop at stationery! Oh no... when Eva comes across other cute products, she just can't resist... and neither should you! 

*Because of adulting responsibilities, Eva had to return to lawyering 8 months after she left. But only part-time so that she can continue with Stationery Closet. There's no way that she's giving up on this baby! If you could buy lots of stuff from this online store so that she can live, sleep and dream stationery 24/7, 7 days a week, that would be awesome!